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Usnea Lichens and Moss Patterns

Just back from a family camper-vanning trip to the New Forest and Dartmoor. In Dartmoor I returned to an old favourite, Wistman's Wood, where the trees, lichens and mosses offer a visual feast. The stunted oaks of the wood are decked with 'usnea' lichens - always a beautiful and welcome…

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Using Lichens to Navigate

This is a photo of the top of a historical stone post, known as a 'staddle stone'. Staddle stones were used to build barns off the ground, in order to protect them from rodents and water. In this picture there is a beautiful example of some sun-loving golden Xanthoria lichens…

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Moss on the North Side of Trees

No single piece of natural navigation is better known than 'moss grows on the north side of trees'. It therefore sometimes surprises people when I tell them that this technique wouldn't get into my top 20. Have a look at the top picture of moss growing on the north side…

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