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BBC Winter Wonderland

I did a short piece for BBC Inside Out that was broadcast on Monday evening. It can be viewed via this link (within the UK, not sure about elsewhere). My bit is from about the 21st minute onwards. In the film there is some weather lore and a nice example…

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Mackerel Sky

Following some bad weather recently, I saw the beautiful 'mackerel sky' above. A mackerel sky can be used to forecast weather, but it is at the more challenging end of the weather lore spectrum. The simple bit is this: a mackerel sky of any kind means change is likely. This…

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Cloudscapes and Weather Lore

I took this picture a few minutes ago. For those of you interested in these sorts of cloudscapes then here is a good tip for finding them: Take a really keen interest in the sky whenever bad weather is forecast after a good spell. Don't wait for the change to…

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