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Mares' Tails

A weekend of sailing has just passed, one that was full of meteorological kindness. Nature was generous in two ways over the weekend - perhaps as a reward for my having set up a page of weather lore? Firstly, blue skies, fair winds and warm sun ruled over the Solent.…

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The First Frost

The northerly winds were carrying high cirrus and contrails down towards the coast this morning. They have brought colder air, as forecast yesterday. This gave us our first frost of the season. The feel and even the sounds of the grass underfoot have a relationship with the direction the air…

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Three Winds

I took this picture a week ago. It shows the lower fair-weather cumulus clouds against the upper cirrus clouds. It is not at all unusual to watch the lower clouds and upper clouds move in different directions and to feel a third wind direction on your face at the same…

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