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Circumzenithal Arcs

My thanks to Simon Cadman for the following generous email and some great images of some sun dogs and the more rarely-spotted, 'upside-down rainbow', also known as a 'circumzenithal arc' or 'Bravais' arc'. Circumzenithal arcs and sun dogs form when sunlight refracts through ice crystals, not rain as with rainbows.…

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More Beautiful Sun Dogs

My thanks again to Alan Gibson for sending over some great images. These are sun dogs or parhelia and parts of a "22 degree halo". They are created when the sunlights refracts through ice crystals, creating colourful effects a couple of fist widths from sun . They can presage deteriorating…

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Mares' Tails

A weekend of sailing has just passed, one that was full of meteorological kindness. Nature was generous in two ways over the weekend - perhaps as a reward for my having set up a page of weather lore? Firstly, blue skies, fair winds and warm sun ruled over the Solent.…

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