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Protein Compasses Found in Fruit Flies

A team from Peking University have discovered that fruit flies have clumps of proteins that are sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field. This is not quite as arcane or arbitrary as it sounds. Fruit flies are studied for a number of reasons, but one of them is that however different…

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Snail Trails

My thanks to everyone who came to my talk at the Lichfield Festival on Tuesday. A wonderful audience and enjoyably challenging questions. An additional thanks to Nick Hardwick who got in touch after the talk: "Thank you for your talk at the Lichfield Festival today, I really enjoyed it. I’d…

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Find Your Way with Beehives

Beehives are generally oriented so that they face between south and east. The bees need morning sun to get them going, like shade in the late afternoon and don't like to have to fly into the prevailing wind. (With thanks to my beekeeping father-in-law, Rod)

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