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The Golden Leyland Cypress

Golden Leyland Cypress
Golden Leyland Cypress Foliage

My thanks to regular correspondent, Alban Cambe, for these excellent images.

Which direction are we looking in the top picture above?

Regular readers will spot three interesting clues quite quickly:

  • There is more tree on the left side of the picture. (See here for more on plant asymmetry for navigation.)
  • The branches on the left are closer to horizontal, those on the right are closer to vertical. (See the Tick Effect)
  • There is a colour compass in the foliage of this Golden Leyland Cypress, (Cuprocyparis leylandii). This cultivar turns gold, but more dramatically in direct sunlight. The foliage on the far left is much more golden than on the right of the tree.

South is to the left of the picture. We are looking…


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