Natural Navigation in the Age of Coronavirus

Some tips for these tough and strange times.

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well in these strange and challenging times now. I know some people a little bit worried that we’re not going to be able to socialise as much as we have been doing but I want to put your mind at rest there, it’s about changing the way we socialize.

I’ve come into the woods today doing a bit of natural navigation and got myself a little bit lost, but then I met this fascinating character here. This birch tree and we’ve just been having a bit of a chat and the birch tree explained to me that it’s a colonizing tree which means it grows at the edges of woodlands, so it’s made a map for me and explained that I’m near the edge of the woods and also the way the branches have grown.

It’s much bigger and longer on one side telling me that south is that way so I’m not lost anymore. I can find my way home, in fact, we’ve been socializing so much that I’m losing my voice and know I don’t think I have a cough but thank you for your concern.  

Happy navigating and keep safe everybody.