Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Observations from Narragansett

Hello Tristan,

I have read your book, “The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Sign’s” with a great deal of interest.  Since reading your book, I’ve been looking for signs in nature to determine direction. I posted some pictures of what I believe is the ‘wedge effect’.

I live in the US and posted a picture from the Olympic National Park in Washington state the I visited recently.  It shows Sitka Spruce growing on a steep mountainside with western exposure.  

Also, I posted a picture of a small island in a salt pond in the state of Rhode Island that was full of White Oak trees.  The prevailing winds appeared to stunt the growth on the right side (west side) of the island.  The close up pictures are form the right and left sides.  The difference in tree size is dramatic.  (The island pictures was taken from my kayak in a salt pond in Narragansett, State of Rhode Island on the east coast.)

I’ve enjoyed finding these clues of direction by viewing trees and will continue to do so.  Thanks for writing an inspiring book!

Many Thanks Ralph for reading my book and these great photos; very nice examples of the ‘wedge effect‘. Did you also notice the less dense leeward branches and a modest ‘lone straggler’ on the island trees?

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