Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail Photo of snowy Sussex woodland trail

Wild Signs Spotted in Morocco

Wild Signs Spotted in the Atlas Mountains

One of the things I enjoy most about my work is when other navigators get in touch with their own observations.

In the early days I did wonder whether I might be the only one with an interest in these sorts of observations. So it is always heartening to be reminded that this is far from the case.

A huge thanks to Lisa Cotton, who has been in touch with some wonderful observations from North Africa:

I spotted the Wild Signs paperback in Foyles, Charing Cross, last weekend… But didn’t get a photo. Instead, here’s a photo of it on a trek in the Atlas Mountains.

Some notes from the trek:

  • The rocks on the mountain pictured were very much slanted towards SW (which I was very pleased to have figured out for myself before confirming it with a compass).
  • If you see the crusty white/grey lichen you’re probably looking South, and if you can see the bright yellow lichen then you’re probably looking North.
  • You can use power lines as a Handrail.
  • Satellite dishes in Morocco point SSW.

What a fantastic email to have received – thank you again Lisa, for reading my book and for sharing your observations.