Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Credit where it’s due… in the Chianti vineyards

I end a lot of my courses, walks and talks with the joke, “You’ve now unwittingly signed up to be part of my extended research team.” – Many a true word spoken in jest!

There is nothing nicer than learning of a new technique, perspective, observation or other insight from someone I’ve once taught or met. It is always very important to me that those that are kind enough to feedback any gems get the credit, which was one of the reasons it was great to receive the following email from Nick Veck this morning:

Hi Tristan,

I have just finished re-reading ‘The Natural Navigator’ whilst on holiday in Tuscany, currently sitting in the sun admiring and considering the Chianti vineyards, which of course give reliable direction indication with their pronounced predominance on the southerly side of the hills.

I first read the book during a previous holiday (I forget where) after buying it with a pre-order before publication in 2010. I had prior to that attended your excellent course at the royal geographical society.

Which brings me to drumlins…

This time, I took the trouble of reading the notes section at the end of the book. I don’t recall why, but for some reason I neglected to do this on my initial read. And of course, I now discover your kind acknowledgement that it was me who bought the geographic direction of drumlins to your attention!

Thank you for that, with my apologies that it has taken me so long, and thank you also for your often amusing but always informative tweets.

With my kind regards


Thanks Nick! And thanks also for this picture showing us looking north up at the south-facing Chianti vineyards (above) and east across them (below). Sweet is south! (Grapes, peaches etc.)