Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

The School of Life

I was going to wait until next year before getting the word out about this event, but… The Sunday Times have just very kindly spilled the beans by suggesting it as a Christmas gift.

On March 15th at The School of Life, I am going to begin the challenging business of changing the way we think about exploration.

I will be attempting, against the odds, to wrest exploration back from those who think it is all about racing to summits or unhealthily-long relationships with camels.

By looking at the experiences of some of the most insightful travellers of the past 2000 years, I will be showing how it is possible to raise our levels of awareness to new heights and make discoveries in the most unlikely places.

All being well, exploration will return to its roots and become, once more, about a sense of discovery on our journeys, large or small.

Spaces are limited and details are here.