Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Mountainous Oman

There is a good piece in yesterday’s Telegraph travel section, by Kate Humble, encouraging those who visit Oman to step out of the resort and into the mountains.

The lines that caught my attention were. predictably, when she asked her savvy guides about their navigation skills.

“How do you know you’re heading anywhere?” I asked.

“You get to know clues. The path down a wadi is never straight down; it usually follows a contour to the head of the valley and around. Omanis don’t like going up or down if they can avoid it. Donkey poo is also a pretty good sign you’re on a path.”

Contained in this there is a pretty good general rule. If it is a tough choice between heading down or holding a contour, go for the latter. Either could be a wrong choice, but holding your height will normally leave you with more options, more energy and a better perspective.