Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Procrastinating and Mating

I have been reasonably self-disciplined with my writing over recent weeks. It is helped by the fact that I like to get up before anyone else, and so there are fewer distractions on the way to locking myself in the study. Even so, trips to the kitchen/loo/garden to feed the chickens need to be carefully monitored, lest they become games of football with the kids/random phone calls/endless grazing. I have managed to maintain some sense of purpose most of the time, but this morning a pair of mating dragonflies ambushed my attention for long enough to earn a spot in the blog.

Surely there can be no navigational information derived from the sight of a male dragonfly seizing the female’s thorax with his anus? I hear you cry. Dragonflies are normally found near freshwater. In this case our garden pond most likely.