Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

Struggling to Keep Up

I find myself drawn into discussions about technology on more days than not. On the navigation front it is all quite comfortable, but when it comes to the social networking thing it’s another matter, Web 2.0 it might be called, I really don’t know.

I do Twitter occasionally, because I’ve been told to by my web design company, but I’ll confess that the concept still slightly escapes me. Last week a friend that I had not seen since university got in touch to tell me what another mutual friend who he had not seen for ten years, but I had met recently, was doing from his Linked-In page. He seemed to know him better than I do. Before I start to sound too much like an incontinent old dribbler I should get to the point and mention that I’ve just done an interview for the lovely crowd at, who seem to be very much in their comfort zone at the forefront of all this stuff. They’ve got a neat idea. Worth checking out.