Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex Photo of Bluebell Woods in Sussex

One person’s Mist…

When sorting some photos last night this picture – taken a few weeks ago on a very cold morning in Chichester harbour – came close to being deleted. I had a change of heart and decided to rescue it and elevate it to my blog. Rarely have the fortunes of a picture changed so suddenly or dramatically… OK, that’s a bit much, not least since it is a rubbish picture. It’s one redeeming feature and indeed its only feature is that the flash does help illustrate that fog is made up of lots of tiny droplets.

It is only a small step from thinking about such things to wracking one’s mind desperately trying to understand the difference between fog and mist. They are essentially the same, it is a question of degree. Fog is just mist that you can’t see very far in. Pilots define this being less than 1000 metres, but for others visibility has to fall below 200 metres for it to be classified as fog. This gives us the nice philosophical poser: if a motorist steps out of their car and into an aircraft the weather stays the same, but changes from mist to fog.

I really must get out more… or less.

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