How to navigate using the Weather Page 22

Mares' Tails

A weekend of sailing has just passed, one that was full of meteorological kindness. Nature was generous in two ways over the weekend - perhaps as a reward for my having set up a page of weather lore? Firstly, blue skies, fair winds and warm sun ruled over the Solent.…

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Green Flash Hunting

Last night I managed to take 46 photographs in a desperate bid to catch the elusive, and some like to say mythical, 'green flash' at the moment of sunset. The green flash is an optical phenomenon caused mainly by blue/green light bending more than the reds/yellows. There is a fuller…

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April Showers

I don't know what you're going through in your part of the world, but here in southern England there have been all the symptoms of a passing cold front recently. It has turned colder and there have been extreme changes of weather, with stormy downpours. The sun is out at…

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