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April Showers

I don't know what you're going through in your part of the world, but here in southern England there have been all the symptoms of a passing cold front recently. It has turned colder and there have been extreme changes of weather, with stormy downpours. The sun is out at…

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Winter Solstice Drama

This is not the glorious image of the winter solstice sunrise that I had been planning for you. Events conspired against that. The original plan had been to drive up to a semi-secret location in the South Downs and take a picture of the sun rising in what were originally…

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Force 9 Fun

I had hoped to sail to the Isle of Wight on Saturday with some old friends. We slipped Chichester marina at eight in the morning in my Contessa 32, fully aware that the forecast was a bit spicy. The sense of foreboding increased slightly when the Chichester marina lock-keeper called…

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