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Cricket Wicket Alignment

Thank you to everyone who came to my talk and on the walk at The Good Life Experience festival in Flintshire on Sunday - great crowd! Whilst on the walk, someone (thank you, Richard) pointed to the cricket ground and said that cricket wickets are normally aligned north-south. Although the…

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From Top to Bottom

I usually encourage people to scan for outdoor clues by looking from top to bottom - astronomy, weather, ground - and the reason can be seen in this photo. It's always worth having a good look to see if the sun, moon or stars are offering any help, before getting…

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The Great Outdoors Mystery

To celebrate the publishing in the US of 'The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs', I have written the following short piece. The Great Outdoors Mystery From our love of Sherlock Holmes, through crosswords and jigsaws to Scooby-Doo and Sudoku, a pattern emerges. Humans like patterns, but we prefer puzzles…

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