How to navigate using the Sun Page 2

Back from Crete

Just back from a natural navigation expedition in Crete. In summary: a sweaty success. More to follow in email newsletter etc.

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More Beautiful Sun Dogs

My thanks again to Alan Gibson for sending over some great images. These are sun dogs or parhelia and parts of a "22 degree halo". They are created when the sunlights refracts through ice crystals, creating colourful effects a couple of fist widths from sun . They can presage deteriorating…

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Contrail Shadows

My thanks to Alan Gibson, author of the Urbane Forager blog and book, for sending me these great images of a contrail shadow. (Contrails are the long thin clouds that can form behind high jet aircrafts' engines.) These shadows form when a contrail casts a shadow on clouds below them.…

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