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Back from Achill

After an intense week of scouting in northwest Ireland with the BBC last week, I felt a little weary come Saturday morning. We had covered almost all of the largest island of the coast of Ireland, Achill Island in County Mayo, and then zoomed about Ballycroy and a few other…

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Southern Ripening

There is no better way to get a feel for botany than to grow something from seed. By the time a plant is even a few feet high it is displaying such a myriad of often complex developments that unweaving them can be fiendishly difficult. Watching a plant grow from…

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Fire Rainbows

I was just 'tweeted' by Anne who had spotted what initially appeared to be an unusual light phenomenon appearing in some cirrus clouds. I think it is just a small arc of a standard 'primary rainbow', but part of me desperately wanted it to be a 'fire rainbow' which I…

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