How to navigate using the Stars Page 2

From Top to Bottom

I usually encourage people to scan for outdoor clues by looking from top to bottom - astronomy, weather, ground - and the reason can be seen in this photo. It's always worth having a good look to see if the sun, moon or stars are offering any help, before getting…

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Uranus, Venus and Mars in the West

My thanks to Kevan Hubbard for the following message: "There is a very impressive alignment of Uranus, Venus and Mars in the west at present, shortly after night fall. You get the see the dimmest and brightest naked eye planets in one field! The moonlight makes it hard to see…

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The Gegenschein

Whenever light hits particles, either in our atmosphere or in space, some of that light is scattered and some of it gets reflected back relatively strongly in the direction it came from. Think of shining a torch in a dusty room. Those either side of you will see the light…

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