How to navigate using the Stars Page 10

Great Nebulae and Emerging Expeditions

We are bearing down on stargazing-season. It is getting dark early enough in the evenings, staying dark long enough in the mornings and doesn't yet freeze you for the privilege. This morning I enjoyed a view of Orion, Sirius, Leo, which has just marched ahead of the dawn sun now,…

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Stellar Quotes

My thanks to Stuart Goring for sending over these great Thomas Hardy celestial quotes. Those who know this blog or my book will be aware that I love it when nature and the arts come together. The two following excerpts are taken from 'Far From the Madding Crowd.' “He stood…

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Corvus and Crater

First thing this morning our bathroom was bright with diffused light from the blinds that had been filled with moonlight from the west. I put on a thick jacket and pair of Ugg boots and wandered outside. Looking up I was spoilt. The moon was indeed throwing her weight around…

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