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Humboldt and Flying Fish

I'm doing some research at the moment and came across this line, written by the German explorer Alexander von Humboldt, about flying fish: 'Like swallows they shoot forward in thousands in straight lines, always against the waves.' I've seen a fair few flying fish in my time, even been hit…

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A Riddle for Sailors

Just back from a bracing and invigorating couple of days on the water. My wife and I sailed from Chichester to Cowes, where we met up with the Contessa 32 Association's Christmas Rally. The sail back today allowed us to revel in one of those winter days that make the…

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The Smelliest Clue

One of the natural navigation techniques that ocean sailors have used for centuries is noticing that the incidence of flotsam and jetsam increases, on average, as you get closer to land. A similar principle can be used on land to find towns or villages. The number of roads, paths, power…

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