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Beware the Beech's Branches

This is a common sight in my local beechwoods. Beech trees have a habit of dropping large branches without much warning. They are not good ones to camp under! It may be why they earned the nickname 'widow maker'. One reason is that the lower branches are shaded by higher…

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Yellow Archangel - Lamiastrum galeobdolon

Despite its sunny appearance, Yellow Archangel - Lamiastrum galeobdolon - is a plant that prefers shade, damp and north-facing sites in mixed woodland. Its favourite spots are north-facing banks of woodland streams in undisturbed areas with alkaline soils. As member of the dead-nettle family, the leaves will be familiar to…

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The Cuckoo Flower - a sign of damp ground

The Cuckoo Flower (cardamine pratensis), a.k.a. Lady's Smock, is out near me. It is easily identified by its early blooming and four pale pink petals. It thrives in grassy places near rivers, streams and ditches. If seen in large numbers it is a sign of damp ground and water nearby.…

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