How to navigate using Plants Page 22

Larger leaves on northern side

Thank you to Andrew Boe, who has dropped me line explaining something that I have not noticed before: "Leaves at the bottom of a tree are often larger on the shadier North side to make the most of available light. This is often the case in Sycamore. They will also…

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The Pocket Guide is Out!

The Natural Navigator Pocket Guide is out now! Who is this book for? How does it differ from the original book? How big is it? So many questions! First the jacket blurb, then my take on the book: 'Starting with a simple question – ‘Which way am I looking?’ –…

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Wardian Cases and Traveller's Palms

Last week set a new record for restlessness... Thanks to all who came for the walk around the Long Man from Wilmington on Saturday afternoon and to Adrian Phillips who took the time to come for a walk for an article in West Sussex on Saturday morning. The week leading…

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