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Southern Ripening

There is no better way to get a feel for botany than to grow something from seed. By the time a plant is even a few feet high it is displaying such a myriad of often complex developments that unweaving them can be fiendishly difficult. Watching a plant grow from…

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The Leaves on a Tree

This just in from Richard Webber, Natural Navigator alumnus, researcher and correspondent: 'After a long walk round Mam Tor and Lose Hill near Castleton, we rested in a café for tea and slices of Derbyshire curd pudding. Having been infected with the "Which Way Is South" Virus I was drawn…

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Slightly Fickle Moss

Having spent the morning organising images for upcoming courses, I was reminded of a regular problem with learning anything practical from nature. There is a real tendency to bias. By which I mean when we are learning something new there is a great temptation to either make our observations fit…

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