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When’s Easter?

Happy Easter! When is Easter? Today, is the short and not very helpful answer. The longer, more useful answer is: Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. This explains why it is never the same from year to year. The calendar date…

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Wall Street Journal Book Review

The Wall Street Journal has recently reviewed The Natural Navigator book. Here is a taster: " the title of his deeply poetic book—"The Natural Navigator"—suggests, there is life after the compass, maps and even GPS. Or, to put it more accurately, there was life before them, and that way of…

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Walking in Circles

I am often asked about the tendency of people to walk in circles when lost. Here is an explanation of what happens. 1) If people have a steady external clue to direction, eg. the sun, the moon, a distant mountain summit, they are very unlikely to walk in circles when…

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