How to navigate in Extreme Environments Page 15

Great Nebulae and Emerging Expeditions

We are bearing down on stargazing-season. It is getting dark early enough in the evenings, staying dark long enough in the mornings and doesn't yet freeze you for the privilege. This morning I enjoyed a view of Orion, Sirius, Leo, which has just marched ahead of the dawn sun now,…

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Sahara Desert Fossil?

Ok, this snow has been fun, but... ... now we're so low on heating oil, firewood, coal and food that the sense of humour reserves are looking a bit depleted! School's off the menu and the kids refuse to play in the snow anymore as they're bored of it now.…

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Winter Solstice Drama

This is not the glorious image of the winter solstice sunrise that I had been planning for you. Events conspired against that. The original plan had been to drive up to a semi-secret location in the South Downs and take a picture of the sun rising in what were originally…

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