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Snail Trails

My thanks to everyone who came to my talk at the Lichfield Festival on Tuesday. A wonderful audience and enjoyably challenging questions. An additional thanks to Nick Hardwick who got in touch after the talk: "Thank you for your talk at the Lichfield Festival today, I really enjoyed it. I’d…

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Innocent Unplugged Festival

Thank you to everyone who came to my talk at the Innocent Unplugged festival in Kent - a fun crowd and brilliant questions. What a great concept - switching off for a weekend, the pain of digital withdrawal softened with great music, food and drink, an outdoor spa, and talks…

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An Email from Canada

Occasionally I post some of the wonderfully varied and international correspondence I receive (with permission). My thanks to Paul at for this little gem of an email: ~I have a neighbor who is a farrier, and I was talking to him about how dry this spring has been compared…

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