How to navigate Extraordinary

This is where I will be gathering all of those little gems of navigation knowledge that stand out or stubbornly refuse to sit anywhere else. You can explore some of these examples at the bottom of this page.

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Talk Nerdy

Tristan Gooley has done a 1 hour podcast interview with 'Talk Nerdy' host, Cara Santa Maria. You can hear it here.

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How to Read Nature

My latest book, How to Read Nature, is out today! I chatted to Brett McKay over at 'The Art of Manliness' about this book and my work in general. You can listen here. (UK visitors please note that this is an updated US edition of the UK book, 'How to…

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Water the Essential and Water Survival Box

My thanks to Vaughan James (pictured right) for a fascinating evening at the Shapero Modern gallery on Tuesday. Vaughan's exhibition, Water the Essential, is a must see for water readers. At the exhibition, I met Hugo Pike OBE (left) and learned from him about Water Survival Box, a charity that…

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