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Ann Cleeves Lost in Fog

Ann Cleeves, bestselling author of crime novels and creator of characters, like Vera Stanhope, that are now familiar to millions more through their TV adaptions, was interviewed on Open Book on BBC Radio 4 a few days ago. She talked about the earliest years of her marriage, living on the…

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A Kea with an Idea

A guest post for a change today. This one from Gregory Ross, a hunter who has extensive outdoor experience in the southern hemisphere. An event which stands out vividly in my memory occurred during one spring evening at dusk in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, when I was stalking around a…

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Protein Compasses Found in Fruit Flies

A team from Peking University have discovered that fruit flies have clumps of proteins that are sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field. This is not quite as arcane or arbitrary as it sounds. Fruit flies are studied for a number of reasons, but one of them is that however different…

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