How to navigate using Animals Page 12

The Pocket Guide is Out!

The Natural Navigator Pocket Guide is out now! Who is this book for? How does it differ from the original book? How big is it? So many questions! First the jacket blurb, then my take on the book: 'Starting with a simple question – ‘Which way am I looking?’ –…

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The Smelliest Clue

One of the natural navigation techniques that ocean sailors have used for centuries is noticing that the incidence of flotsam and jetsam increases, on average, as you get closer to land. A similar principle can be used on land to find towns or villages. The number of roads, paths, power…

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The Leaves on a Tree

This just in from Richard Webber, Natural Navigator alumnus, researcher and correspondent: 'After a long walk round Mam Tor and Lose Hill near Castleton, we rested in a café for tea and slices of Derbyshire curd pudding. Having been infected with the "Which Way Is South" Virus I was drawn…

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