How to navigate using Animals Page 12

A Unique Sense of Place

Navigation is about knowing where you are as much as working out how to get to where you want to be. A lot of the fun may lie in finding direction, but natural navigators also need to be tuned to the clues that help us to establish exactly where we…

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The Whale Mystery

I have been meaning to blog about whales for some time. My apologies to those who have gone without a good whale navigation blog for too long and who have doubtless suffered needlessly as a result. A story about the way whales navigate made the news a few weeks ago.…

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The Pocket Guide is Out!

The Natural Navigator Pocket Guide is out now! Who is this book for? How does it differ from the original book? How big is it? So many questions! First the jacket blurb, then my take on the book: 'Starting with a simple question – ‘Which way am I looking?’ –…

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