Cookies are small text files that a website, or sometimes emails, stores on your computer, or mobile device when you visit or interact with it. Not all websites use cookies, however most will. These text files store pieces of information and the information stored will vary on the nature of the cookie. Cookies form an important part of of how a website works and without them, many of the functionalities that you enjoy and have come to expect of modern websites would not work.


We use cookies for the following purposes:

Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to help remember personal preferences selected whilst on the website. All of the data stored in these cookies is anonymous.

Performance cookies

We use cookies for the purposes of website monitoring and analytics. We use Google Analytics to collect useful metrics and anonymous data on how over viewers browse our website. By matching an anonymous, randomly generated identifier, we track information such as how viewers arrive at our site, the areas of our website they visit and the paths they take through the website site. By monitoring this information we are able to improve and update our website to give you the best experience possible.


By using this website you consent to us storing cookies locally on your computer, which are used for the aforementioned purposes. All of the data collected and stored by us is anonymous and does not, or cannot, be used to identify you individually or any personal information about you.

We hold the right to change or amend the way we use cookies on this website, as well as our cookie policy, without forewarning.

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