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Staying in Touch


Apologies all blog readers. Firstly the last post wasn't really fair. The picture quality isn't good enough to be able to tell that the grasses have been blown in the direction that the picture is being taken or that the distant horizon is bright. The photo was taken a few weeks ago in Wensleydale looking ENE towards the dawn light.Secondly, I've been out of touch longer than hoped for as I've been travelling in some nearby, but strangely wild places recently with limited options for internet access, including deepest darkest Brittany and a hut on some rocks in the Channel…

Which Way?


Shortest blog, but a good' un, which way am I facing when I took this picture?

The Dales Turtle


Once I've got my bearings in a new area I like to look for features that will act as friendly reminders. This woodland on the opposite hillside in Wensleydale reminded me of a turtle. For the rest of my walk that day I looked to the turtle and knew that it 'swam eastwards'.



I got back late last night after a very full day in the Yorkshire Dales. I was doing a shoot with the Escape to the Country team which finished at 6 o' clock and then it was a six hour drive, Diet Coke and dark chocolate all the way, to get back home in time to get the first draft of my book to Virgin Books for the deadline.Had a great, albeit quite short, time in the Dales. The production team and house-hunting couple were really fun to work with and it is hard not to enjoy a day in…