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Leaning Telegraph Poles


My thanks to Richard Webber for sending in this photo. The telegraph poles in this picture are leaning from the southwest to the northeast. This is in line with the prevailing wind, which is easy to tell in the photo if you look at the straggly bits that have been combed over at the top of the hedge. The question is, is this a coincidence or the cause? Please could anyone pass on any observations they have of leaning telegraph poles and together we may be able to forge a new technique.

Seed Pods


My thanks to Richard Webber for spotting and snapping these seed pods in a tree. They have aligned with the prevailing southwesterly winds.

Time and Trace


During a private course yesterday we spent some time looking at the effect of the wind on trees and grass. We also looked at the lee effect, when leaves and other natural drifting materials accumulate on the lee side of obstacles.This is something that I am both more sensitive to and wary of since my trip to the Sahara in March. The lee effect there puzzled me for several days until a sandstorm blew in and blotted out the sky. Ironically it clarified things mentally. There is a difference between a prevailing wind and wind that has a huge short-term…

Churches and Runways


I have found myself at airports a lot recently and it occurred to me that there is not very much to inspire those interested in nature about them in general. It does sometimes take a bit of lateral thinking to spot the clues in places like that. Some man-made structures can give us a clue to help us on our way until nature comes to our aid again. Churches are a good example. A lot of churches are aligned East-West and this can offer a short term hand if all else is proving confusing, not unusual in a…