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Finding Saturn


I crept outside this morning, trying not to wake the kids, and treated my self to a pre-heliacal viewing of Saturn. He was happily nestled under the star Porrima, that is to say between Virgo's armpit and her shoulder. If you are awake shortly before sunrise over the next couple of weeks, look just south of east. If it is clear then you should see what appears to be white star on top of a yellow one, both of them sitting not far above the horizon. The higher of the two is Gamma Virginis, or Porrima, in the…

Corvus and Crater


First thing this morning our bathroom was bright with diffused light from the blinds that had been filled with moonlight from the west. I put on a thick jacket and pair of Ugg boots and wandered outside. Looking up I was spoilt. The moon was indeed throwing her weight around and this can sometimes make for imperfect stargazing, but the cold air was clear enough that between the first glow of dawn in the east and the moon's light in the west there were riches to choose from. Gemini, Leo and Virgo were high in the sky. The dark…



Last night, looking west through some tree branches, I took this picture of the orange star, Arcturus. It is one of the five brightest stars in the night sky and is part of the constellation Bootes. It is in fact the brightest star in the northern half of the celestial sphere.It is navigationally interesting because of its declination or 'celestial latitude'. At 19 degrees north it passes overhead a lot of major cities, including Honolulu, Mumbai and Mexico City.The easiest way to find Arcturus is to follow the the handle of the Plough on its curved path away from the…