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Foxes Dive into Snow, Heading North!


Foxes in North America dive into snow to catch prey. Unbelievable though it may sound, they have been found to have a massively better success rate if they dive... North! The video is worth watching, it's short and beautiful. Big thanks to Leon Winnert for passing this my way.

Sneak Preview


My book is being published in the US in January. I'm very excited and not a little curious to see how American readers react to it.I can't think of a book that has hurtled more determinedly into the gap between the two faces of America. Is it a country of 'drive 100 yards to the mall' or 'head west', the pioneer spirit and Henry David Thoreau? Of course it is both; I have seen someone in Florida drive between two shops but stay in the same car-park, but I have also watched someone who thirsted so greatly for…