Snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis

Galanthophiles will have spotted that the snowdrops are out. The ones near me are showing a strong preference for pointing…

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BBC Winter Wonderland

I did a short piece for BBC Inside Out that was broadcast on Monday evening. It can be viewed via…

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Cambridge University Expeditions Society

My thanks to everyone who came to my talk at the Cambridge University Expeditions Society last night. As might be…

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Optical Illusions at Night

The human brain does a lot of things that we're not aware of. It takes shortcuts and most of the…

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Snow and Gorse

It is that time of year when we get to enjoy snow and ice natural navigation clues. In the south…

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Mackerel Sky

Following some bad weather recently, I saw the beautiful 'mackerel sky' above. A mackerel sky can be used to forecast…

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Water Signs

For readers of 'How to Read Water' there are a couple of images you might enjoy below. The first shows…

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Frost Shadow

My thanks to Peter Gibbs for this great email and image: " Out in the Dales this morning. Noticed this…

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Ed Stafford

A fun day in the hills recently with the inimitable Ed Stafford.

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Be guided by nature
@Catmalojinboy very nice. Although, if you actually want to know how/why it works this page might be better 😀
RT @Catmalojinboy: @NaturalNav nice example of how north star works
RT @melessquared: @NaturalNav looks like even alien worlds have glitter paths
RT @dailyecho: Author Tristan Gooley supporting South Downes charity