Yellow Archangel - Lamiastrum galeobdolon

Despite its sunny appearance, Yellow Archangel - Lamiastrum galeobdolon - is a plant that prefers shade, damp and north-facing sites…

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Toponymy in Oman

The Gooley family are just back from a week's holiday in Oman. It was mostly sun, sand and swimming, but…

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The Paperback is Out Today!

The paperback of How to Read Water is out today! (UK) Happy Water Reading! A Sunday Times 'Must Read' book…

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A Junction Puddle

I came across a nice example of a 'junction puddle' near Lavington Common in Sussex yesterday.

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The Cuckoo Flower - a sign of damp ground

The Cuckoo Flower (cardamine pratensis), a.k.a. Lady's Smock, is out near me. It is easily identified by its early blooming…

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Meridian Change Following Brexit

A leaked EU Commission document confirms that the Prime Meridian, the line of zero degrees longitude may be moved east…

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The Sneckdown

It is a truth universally acknowledged by town planners that there is no finer word than 'sneckdown'. After heavy snow,…

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The Explorers Club, New York

A huge thank you to everyone who came to my talk at The Explorers Club in Manhattan last night. An…

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Mysterious Silver-Grey Splotches on Water

If you spot strange silver-grey patches on the surface of shallow fresh water, it is a sign that a pigeon…

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@TimMilne Thanks Tim!
RT @BeachCleanCliff: Love love love "How To Read Water" by @NaturalNav I'm already starting to watch and be more aware of of what's going o…
RT @SuppleSamuel: @NaturalNav Hi. Here's the full length version of 'Winter Wonderland' -
@theldwalker Nice 'ripple shadows' and demonstration of 'fetch'. #HowToReadWater @SceptreBooks
Oundle, tomorrow night, 7.45pm, hope to see you there! #HowtoReadWater