Mackerel Sky

Following some bad weather recently, I saw the beautiful 'mackerel sky' above. A mackerel sky can be used to forecast…

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Water Signs

For readers of 'How to Read Water' there are a couple of images you might enjoy below. The first shows…

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Frost Shadow

My thanks to Peter Gibbs for this great email and image: " Out in the Dales this morning. Noticed this…

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Ed Stafford

A fun day in the hills recently with the inimitable Ed Stafford.

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Happy Winter Solstice!

At 10.44 GMT today the south pole will be pointing as much as it ever does towards the sun. The…

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BBC Inside Out - Winter Wonderland

This week I spent a couple of days filming with presenter Natalie Graham and the BBC Inside Out team in…

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Rip Current Recollections

My thanks to John Luke for this email and this fantastic photo of the Saltstraumen maelstrom. -------- Your rip current…

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Our Motives for Moving

I've written in the past about the way our motive for travelling will have a bearing on our perception and…

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Reflections - A Longer Interview

I've been doing a few interviews for US radio stations recently. Typically they last about ten minutes and can only…

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Be guided by nature
RT @rjjulia: Just Booked! 3/19 at 3pm - Tristan Gooley - @NaturalNav - will discuss HOW TO READ WATER! #authorevent
RT @butnorain: An ink swirl of 25,000 starlings near Sunbiggin Tarn Cumbria. Breathtaking. @FriendsofLakes
@JLewisStempel @johnmushroom thanks John and to you.
@johnmushroom @Countrymaned @JLewisStempel excellent book, I very much enjoyed it!
Watch This Volcanic Eruption Produce A Terrifying Sonic Boom via @forbes