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Snow and Gorse

It is that time of year when we get to enjoy snow and ice natural navigation clues. In the south of England there hasn't been a lot of snow, but it doesn't take a lot. If you study the photos I took on Black Down in Sussex recently, you'll see…

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Mackerel Sky

Following some bad weather recently, I saw the beautiful 'mackerel sky' above. A mackerel sky can be used to forecast weather, but it is at the more challenging end of the weather lore spectrum. The simple bit is this: a mackerel sky of any kind means change is likely. This…

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When a Low Pressure Goes Through

There have some intense winter low pressure systems barrelling onto UK shores recently, going by the name of Storm Angus. Below are some images that paint a picture of what happened to the air and water as this low hit central southern England. They show how a plunge in air…

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