How to navigate using the Sea Page 3


One of the great joys of this job is the delightfully unpredictable nature of the emails I receive. Thank you Richard for this one! -------- Tristan, See the attached. They are from the USNS Kane in a Force 12 storm in the GIUK Gap during the 1980’s. Wave height averaged…

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Beach Cusps, Rips and Light

My thanks to Helen Sargent for sending in the following fabulous photo of beach cusps at the cove neighbouring Durdle Door in Dorset. Helen also sent the following photos and observations. "Ps I cant resist sending these two too - the curvy cove was where Lynne [Roper] was explaining to…

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The Tombolo

If you feel like a fun test of your observational skills, use this blog to try to answer this question: What colour is the dog's collar? There are two points available :) (Answer at the bottom of the page.) --------------------- My thanks to James Axtell for sending in this excellent…

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