How to navigate using the Sea Page 2

The Direction Ducks Land

My thanks to my fellow Fellows at the Royal Institute of Navigation for drawing my attention to some research that slipped past me a few years ago. Hynek Burda, of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, led a team of 11 zoologists in a study of the way…

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Pin Holes on the Beach

When a wave breaks it pushes foamy water up the beach, this is the 'swash'. Some of this water flows back down the beach to the sea, this is the 'backwash'. But some of the water sinks sown into the sand. As the water sinks, it forces the air between…

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Still Waters Run Deep

It's been another week of dashing about in the Land Rover, giving talks about How to Read Water. Henley, Saffron Walden, Southampton... A big, big thanks to everyone who has come. Great audiences and always interesting questions. Some talks I can predict a few of the questions at the end,…

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