How to navigate in Extreme Environments Page 3

Water Sky

A 'Water Sky' is the name given to the way that the underside of clouds appears noticeably darker when these clouds are over open water compared to the same clouds over bright white ice. For obvious reasons it is an effect associated with high latitudes and it can be very…

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Napoleon's Drummers

Last night I came across an interesting snippet in Andrew Robert's excellent biography of Napoleon . Napoleon's experiences in Russia stir images of bitter winter conditions, but it was not always so. This sentence describes their early advances in the July of 1812: "The heat threw up a choking dust…

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A Kea with an Idea

A guest post for a change today. This one from Gregory Ross, a hunter who has extensive outdoor experience in the southern hemisphere. An event which stands out vividly in my memory occurred during one spring evening at dusk in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, when I was stalking around a…

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