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National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC), Fareham

I'm just back from a visit to the fresh National Maritime Operations Centre in Fareham. This is the new national headquarters of HM Coastguard and will soon be the nerve centre of that august institution - as it approaches its third century of existence. It was an informative visit that…

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Men and Women Navigation Differences

Controversy Alert! I've written in the past about differences in male and female navigational ability, but there is a new and inflammable study out. Tribes in Namibia were interviewed about their travels and tested on their navigational and spatial awareness. As a result, researchers from the University of Utah reached…

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Weldon Church Lighthouse

Weldon Church in Northamptonshire used to be surrounded by dense woods that were hard to navigate and led to many poor souls getting lost. The solution? An inland lighthouse. The lighthouse no longer shines, but the lantern tower can still be seen, perched on the top of the church. Photo…

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