How to navigate Extraordinary

This is where I will be gathering all of those little gems of navigation knowledge that stand out or stubbornly refuse to sit anywhere else. You can explore some of these examples at the bottom of this page.

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Toponymy in Oman

The Gooley family are just back from a week's holiday in Oman. It was mostly sun, sand and swimming, but we did venture into the interior for a bit of a look around. We passed this characterful hill ridge. Have a look at the photo below, scan your eyes along…

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The Paperback is Out Today!

The paperback of How to Read Water is out today! (UK) Happy Water Reading! A Sunday Times 'Must Read' book A New York Times Bestseller 'Jam-packed with information, this book will fascinate sailors, fishers, birders, naturalists, hikers, and anyone interested in the natural world.'- Forbes 'This study of rivers, lakes,…

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Meridian Change Following Brexit

A leaked EU Commission document confirms that the Prime Meridian, the line of zero degrees longitude may be moved east to Paris following Brexit in 2019. Academics have broadly supported the move, saying it makes sense and will help with the harmonisation on the continent. A source told us, "There…

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