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Reading Water in San Francisco

A massive thank you to Zina Deretsky in California, who got in touch because she is a wild swimmer who loves reading water. Zina is also a professional illustrator and has been kind enough to share her observations whilst reading water in San Francisco Bay area. This satellite image shows…

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Cricket Wicket Alignment

Thank you to everyone who came to my talk and on the walk at The Good Life Experience festival in Flintshire on Sunday - great crowd! Whilst on the walk, someone (thank you, Richard) pointed to the cricket ground and said that cricket wickets are normally aligned north-south. Although the…

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Horsham Park

My thanks to Leon Winnert for sending in this photo from Horsham Park. The picture was taken in the middle of the day, so no prizes for using the flowers to work out that we're looking close to east - too easy! But did you spot the wind clue near…

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